Sunday, 26 August 2012

ArHi FF Answered Prayers - Prologue

- Prologue -
The rain pounded ferociously onto the dark streets of Mumbai.
The place where dreams came true. Or so he had heard. Images of his fiance's betrayal swam in his mind, destroying any signs of solace that he may have had. He fought back the tears. He was Arnav Singh Raizada. He didn't cry. He wouldn't cry.
He reached for the bottle of liquor beside him.
His only remaining companion. At least it would remain faithful to its owner. He gulped the beer down in quick swallows trying, in vain, to drown his pain and anguish alongside it.
The windshield wipers were working in full force. He couldn't see a thing.
Kiran had insisted that he stay the night, apologizing profusely for her betrayal.
As if that would do any good.
A new kind of bitterness flooded over him. She had given him a scar that would never be healed.
Love. It was painful. He knew the instant he had fallen for her that it was wrong. Love was not meant for a guy like him. And perhaps, after this incident, he would never be able to love again. She had killed him.
For a brief moment, he wondered if she knew how much she had hurt him. But he concluded that she couldn't possibly know. The pain was too deep. No one would understand. Definately not Kiran.
He winced. Even thinking about her name was painful.
He trained his eyes on the road, groggily. His eyes were closing on what seemed to be their own accord. Too much alcohol.
He felt dizzy...sleepy... But an odd sense of fear admonished him to focus. To stay awake. And it was with this fear that he continued along the road.
But it was late. Past midnight. The rain was pelting down harder each second, blurring his vision more than it was already. He couldn't see. He couldn't concentrate. All he wanted to do was close his eyes. Forget his pain. Forget Kiran. Forget life itself.
The car swerved. Slowly. Mildly at first. But a few more sips of liquor changed that. He could no longer keep his car under control.
He was just too tired... exhausted.
A few seconds. He thought. A few seconds of sleep couldn't possibly hurt.
His thoughts became slurred.
Little did he know, that the decision he made next would change his world forever.

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